HR Easily vs Infotech vs Talenox

16 March, 2020

HR Easily vs Infotech vs Talenox


There are many HR & Payroll software in Singapore and users are often confused which will be the most appropriate system to adopt. We have prepared a detailed comparison of 3 most popular HR & Payroll systems for your reference.

1. User Interface

HR Easily has a clean, neat and user friendly interface. And It is easy to navigate.

Talenox interface is also user friendly though it may seem dark (black background) for some.

Infotech interface may appear too complicated for 1st time users especially. More time is needed to play around with the software before you will really get a hang of the different tabs.

2. Login

Each employee will have their own unique login id using their email for HR Easily. OTP may also be set for enhanced security purposes.

For Talenox, each employee will use their own email address for login. There is 2FA for added login security.

For Infotech, login id can either be email address or mobile number.

3. Available modules

HR Easily has leave, payroll, claim and time attendance module. Their payroll module can only do monthly payment or bi-weekly payment.

Talenox only has leave & payroll module at the moment.

Infotech has a leave, payroll, claim and time attendance module. For infotech, under the payroll module, employers may choose monthly rated or daily rated pay.

4. Mobile App

HR Easily has a mobile app. Employees may view payslip, apply leave and clock in/out via the mobile app. Approving officer may also approve leave and claims via the mobile app.

Talenox mobile app is still underway but users will still be able to access it through mobile phone’s browser. The website has been optimized for mobile users.

Infotech has a mobile app, with face recognition. Employees may view payslip, apply leave and clock in/out via the mobile app. Approving officer may also approve leave and claims via the mobile a.

5. Reports

HR Easily has very few reports available.

Talenox also has limited reports.

Infotech has a wide variation of reports and you may also customize reports.

6. Submission to CPF, IRAS & Integration with banks

For HR Easily, you will need to download the txt file & login to CPF/IRAS to submit.

For Talenox, there is a direct link to IRAS. Any errors detected when submitting IR8A will be handled by Talenox technical team.

For Infotech, you will need to download the txt file & login to CPF/IRAS to submit.

7. Integration with other software

HR Easily can integrate with Xero.

Talenox is able to integrate with Xero, Deputy, StaffAny. Deputy and StaffAny are employee scheduling and attendance systems. Among all 3, the integration by Talenox with the banks is also the most extensive.

Infotech can integrate with Xero.

8. Pricing

HR Easily costs $4/employee/month for payroll & leave module. To include the claim module, additional $1/employee/month. To include time attendance, additional $3/employee/month

Talenox cost $8/employee/month (for the 1st 5 employees), capped at $1200/month. Even if you have more than 150 employees, pay only $1200 per month.

Infotech costs $4/employee/month for payroll & leave module. Add-on $2 for another module.

9. Support

HR Easily has an online live support which is quite active. The back end support replies to your queries quite promptly (almost within 10 minutes).

Talenox also has an online support. But they may take half day to reply to your queries.

Infotech support is by email via their online ticket. So you would need to wait to get your queries answered.

10. Government Grants

The Singapore government is pushing for nationwide digitalization and PSG grant was introduced to accelerate adoption of digital solutions. At the moment, only HR Easily & Infotech are eligible under PSG grant by IMDA. Companies may claim up to 70% of total cost which may include 12 months subscription, software setup & implementation and training.

More information about PSG grant can be found here.

Features HR Easily Talenox Infotech
User Interface 9/10 8/10 6/10
Login Privacy 10/10 10/10 9/10
Mobile App 9/10 NA 9/10
Modules Available 9/10 6/10 10/10
Reporting 6/10 5/10 9/10
Submission to govt website 7/10 9/10 7/10
Pricing 9/10 7/10 9/10
Support 9/10 7/10 6/10

The Verdict

HR Easily is probably the easiest to use, be it for one who has little payroll background or not. The low price point also makes budget constraint SME easy to swallow. However, HR Easily loading is slower as compared to Talenox & Infotech. The fact that HR Easily has a simple interface also makes it to the crown, however, companies requiring more complex features may wish to consider Infotech and Talenox.

All the above HR software is seamlessly integrated with Xero, the future ready accounting solution.


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