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Jul 15

Why you should use Tackthis! as your eCommerce platform

17 September, 2017 In today’s fast developing technology world, e-commerce has become one of the method for directing business. In Singapore, there are many small to medium online enterprises use TackThis! as their primary online sales platform. Here are the 4 reasons why every online seller should have TackThis! On... read more →
Jul 15

Success story of a work-life balance company

17 September, 2017 Work life balance in workplace is not only provide a healthy work environments, it also strengthen employee loyalty and productivity. Let’s take a look on one of the success story of the company after implementing work-life strategies. “We had totally no clue about flexible work arrangements and... read more →
Jul 14

Life of a full-time working mother?

17 September, 2017 Here’s is one of the working mother sharing on how it is like when they returned home after work. “I am a full-time working mother, and I usually end my work day close to 8pm in the evening. Although I do not have to rush home to... read more →
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