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Workplace Health Services
Workplace Health Services

Our Holistic Workplace Health Services



Our panels of experienced and qualified team are well equipped to provide the following professional services:


Workplace Health Promotion Consultancy


  • Provide assistance to plan, implement & evaluate the programme
  • Preparation of grant application proposal and report
  • Advice for SHA Award application



Health Screening



  • Blood Cholesterol
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Provision of both individual and corporate health screening report



Education Activities


  • Health Talks and Workshops covering a variety of topics – healthy lifestyle, nutrition, eyecare
  • Healthy cooking demonstration
  • Healthy Food Trail/supermarket tour



Physical Activities


Coaching and Instructors of fitness classes & sports events/activities such as aerobics, gym workout, dancing, paintball, futsal, swimming, etc



Training related to Implementation of WHP


  • Essential for first-time grant applicant (WHP Course for Managers/Activists)
  • CPR training courses etc



Targeted Intervention Programmes


  • Weight Management programme
  • Smoking Cessation Programme
  • Chronic Disease Management (Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension)



Mental Health (Education, empowerment and Supportive Environment)


  • Talks, Workshops
  • Assessment services



Things to note


  • HPB’s prior approval for the project must be obtained before commencing the activities. There will be no funding of past activities.
  • Organisations are to adhere to the approved project plan. HPB’s approval needs to be sought before making any changes to the plan.
  • The project must be completed within 12 months from the date of HPB’s in-principle approval.
  • All reimbursements must be made at the end of 12 months from the date of HPB’s in-principle approval.
  • At least 80% of the approved Grant amount must be utilised.
  • Organisations must apply for the next round of the Singapore HEALTH Award1 (SHA) following in-principle approval of the Grant project.
  • Organisations can apply for the Grant as a newcomer and when the organisation attains the Singapore HEALTH Award in the respective categories, i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For each category, organisations are eligible to apply for up to two Grants2.

1 The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-time Health) Award is a national biennial Award presented by HPB to recognise organisations with commendable WHP programmes. It is an important way of honouring organisations that strive to help their employees lead healthy and vibrant lives. There are four categories of Award namely Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Please visit for more details.


2 To obtain approval for the second Grant within the same category, reimbursement for the first Grant has to be completed.



Reimbursement of Grant

The Grant will be reimbursed upon completion of the project.


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