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Payroll & HR Administrative Services
Payroll & HR Administrative Services

Payroll Administration


As your business grows, managing your payroll can become very complex and stressful. Your employees will expect you to pay them on time, every time and error-free. You will also have to comply with manpower and taxation legislations which are constantly changing, in a timely and accurate manner. Let Team 361 deal with these crucial matters for you so you and your staff can concentrate on other important business and operational matters.



This will also allow your HR team to concentrate on other aspects such as training, compensation and benefits, employee engagement and so forth.



Reports we will be able to generate for you includes:


  • Payroll reports – staff payroll ledger, pay slips, payroll register, payroll listing and payment advice
  • Statutory reports (which includes taxation and other reports to be submitted to the statutory authorities) – monthly remittance report (e.g. CP39, Borang A, Borang 8A, CPF payment advice, etc.) and yearly report (e.g. CP159, EA form and IR8A) printed in the format which conform to Singapore’s specific requirement
  • Human resource reports – staff details report, staff by department report, anniversary listing (showing anniversary of birthdays or service years), leave balance summary and leave transaction summary
  • Office link reports – standard letters in word document which can be customised by user and printed with employee’s information using the office link function
  • Audit trail report



Our Payroll service also includes easy crediting of salary and payment to statutory authorities via generation of disk file. This ensures timely and accuracy payment.





HR Administration


HR Administration is an important function in every organisation. However, many business owners view it as a non-core activity which does not add value to the bottom line.  Do you want to perform the duties yourself, or assign them to your existing staff? Perhaps you are thinking that you need to hire additional staff with HR experience. Why not leave your HR Administration matters to Team 361?



We offer a scalable and affordable way to handle every aspect of your human resources administration. The professional services we provide include:


  • HR Practices Audit
  • HR handbooks/manual
  • HR forms
  • Job description
  • Employee files management
  • Preparation of Service/Employment contracts
  • Accurate and up-to-date guidance with Singapore’s employment laws
  • Identification of claims/funding/grants/subsidy pertaining to employment/unemployment matters