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Our success story
Our success story

I first joined 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd as a part-time worker. After many years staying at home, I faced a lot of difficulties going back to work.


My husband is an only child, and it falls on just the both of us to care for his frail parents. My father-in-law was hospitalised for 7 months due to severe brain stroke recently. During this critical period, we needed to be constantly vigilant to his needs as he was suffering physically and mentally.


On the other hand, due to her heart ailments, my mother-in-law is a regular patient at the National Heart Centre since 1996, and her delicate health also needed us to care for her daily needs. Their medical check-ups made me regularly apply urgent leave, and I cannot imagine keeping my job if I were at another company that did not support pro-family initiatives. I work from home on the days when it is not convenient for me to travel to office due to my family commitments.


Caring for my two lovely young children as well as my parents also put a lot of pressure on me. I could not have succeeded without the kind understanding of my fellow colleagues and my boss, Ken. They have always given me full support in caring for my family needs.


One memorable experience that occurred which is fresh in my mind happened recently when I brought my children to work. My boss, Ken provided them laptops to keep them occupied while waiting for me to finish my work. My children love him and think that my work place is a ‘cool’ place to be.


I truly appreciate the flexi-work arrangements that my company offers. I cannot imagine working for a company that did not promote flexi-work arrangements. I am ever so grateful to my boss and my wonderful colleagues, and feel I am working for an ideal company.




When my elder son started his K1 in January 2011, my parents-in-law helped to sent him to, and fetched him from the childcare centre. I was unable to do so due to my work commitments.  I also had little time to spend with him because I started work early and came home late. Most of the time, he had already gone to bed by the time I arrived home. Our bonding time was inadequate.

After I had joined 361 Group, I was given the opportunity to embark on flexi-work arrangement and worked from home once a week, and I fetch my son to and from the childcare centre myself. This arrangement, as opposed to the normal “9 to 5” has given me more time to spend with my son. As for my work arrangement, I was able to manage my time to make sure that my work did not get disrupted and tend to the customers’ needs on time. I am grateful for the opportunity to have flexi-work arrangements and it has helped my family life tremendously.


Chooi Yeng


I started working with 361 Degree Management since December 2009. I was given the option to work part-time and telecommute. I’ve been working from 8:30 to 12:30 for over one and half years now.


My bosses are truly supportive and accommodating, and they let me telecommute when I need. This flexi-work arrangement has a positive impact on my family life as I am able to spend quality time with my daughter during her adolescent years. As she finishes school at 1pm, I am able to have lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon with her. This bonding time is immensely precious to me, and I am also able to assist in her school work. My daughter and I have become very close.


Furthermore, I also save on transportation costs and traveling time when I’m working from home. Having been on flexi-work arrangements, I am unlikely to go back to the traditional work-hours until my daughter has grown up. In fact, I recommend it highly and hope that more companies offer such work arrangements to their staff.




I have been an employee of this wonderful company, 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd, since mid of December 2010. I had a rough start in the first few months. I had been on leave numerous times because my 8 month old son was sickly and had to be hospitalised from time to time. It was a nightmare for me as a new mom and seeing his condition, which did not show any improvement, added to my misery. This affected my work. I had a meeting with my boss (Phillip) and he assured me that I could go on flexi-working arrangements to care for my son.


On the days my son was ill; I could work from home, care for him, and still finish my work on time. I am also allowed to work on staggered hour’s arrangement due to family exigencies. To me, this was a perfect balance in my working and family life.


I have started my studies again after a long break. Due to the flexi-work arrangements available, I am confident that I will be able to balance my work, family and personal needs effectively and efficiently.


I am glad I have made the right decision by choosing 361 as my employer and look forward to a long and rewarding career with them.



I started working with 361 Degree Management in 2010 and was immediately put on the telecommuting programme. I only needed to go to office as and when necessary and even had time to fetch my daughter to play groups most of the weekdays. Usually, I’m having meetings with clients or doing written project proposals away from the office environment.


I did not realize just how beneficial flexi-work arrangements were until I was ill with a lung infection earlier this year. I had to limit my outdoor activities and mostly just stayed home to recover. Other than being unable to meet my clients face-to-face, I was still able to do my project work, and in the comfort of my home. I utilized the remote access solutions provided for by the company to the fullest.


With a traditional working hours work schedule, most employees in my predicament would have had to utilize their sick leave and probably a large part of their annual leave. While I was a little behind time in handing in my projects, I managed to complete them within the deadline. I thank my bosses, Ken and Phillip, for their kind understanding and unfailing patience with me during that unfortunate period.



In the past, when I had not joined 361 Degree, I always had to bother my father-in-law or brother-in-law to pick my children to and back from school. As a result of this, I did not have the opportunity to communicate with the teachers directly, so every time the teacher insists on meeting me in person to talk about my children’s’ school activities, the matter could have already become truly serious.


Now, with the flexi-hour arrangement, I do not need to bother my in-laws anymore as I can fetch them in person.  Finally, I manage to gain first-hand report from teachers regarding my children’s performance at school on a regular basis. I am able to communicate more effectively with my children in regards to their school work, and this helps me to address their concerns before it becomes a much bigger issue.


I am truly grateful for such work arrangements and find that it truly helps me take care of both my work and family life better. Thank you 361!


Yuen Chen



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