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Poh Ling Soo | October 05, 2015

This video shows the steps in keying a quote in Service Layout.If your company is a service provider or you do not need to track the stock movement, you may enter your sales quotation and sales invoice in Service Layout.  This video demonstrates how to generate a quotation

Poh Ling Soo | October 05, 2015

MYOB Accounting uses one prefix followed by a four digit number, for example, 1-1110 to set the account number. This video teaches you how to amend the default account number and name to your preference.   

Su-hui Heng | October 01, 2015

As announced in Budget 2015 earlier this year, the CPF contribution by employers for employees aged 50 to 65 years will be increased by 0.5-1%. For employees aged 50 to 55, their share

Poh Ling Soo | October 01, 2015

Backing up your MYOB data is an important process that you should perform on a regular basis. Familiar yourself with MYOB's backup process will ensure your valuable MYOB data is secure and can be q

Poh Ling Soo | September 23, 2015

Many business take advantage of reducing their outgoing cash flow by substitute goods/services for the payment of their account held with the other business. These contra type deals are easily tracked in your M

Poh Ling Soo | September 22, 2015

In a survey conducted in Australia, the importance of work-life balance has outranked salary. Do you think this is happening in Singapore as well? Probably not, however, we do see an uptrend in terms of valuin

Poh Ling Soo | September 14, 2015

E-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods or services via electronic channels such as the internet. Like any digital technology or consumer-based purchasing market, e-commerce has evolved over the years. As mobile devices became more popular, mobile commerce has b

Su-hui Heng | September 01, 2015

From 1 April 2016, all employers have to issue itemized payslips and key employment terms (KETs) to employees covered under the Employment Act.The payslip should be given to employees at least once a month, together or within 3 working days of payment. It can be hard or soft copy. Even handwritten i